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Why are we different from competitors

Accurate, because of Bar Coding

Which means that we find your items in minutes not hours or days and get them back in your hands, when you need them. In house solutions rarely are able to achieve this because of the investment required in systems and the turnover of staff who are responsible for it.

Secure, because of our Document Management Centres of Excellence

We have invested heavily in people, processes, equipment and facilities. This provides you with safety and security for all your documents and goods stored. Only approved employees are allowed into the archiving areas.

Controlled, because of our 33 point check on all
item movements

Which means that we get it right first time and every time. We have never yet lost any of our clients’ boxes. Can your existing supplier say that?

Quick in response, via our dedicated team of
trained professionals

They personally look after your items and are passionate about providing excellent customer service. We do not employ low-end warehouse staff, for whom every Thursday’s pay packet is their only interest.


Flexible, because we are a local document management company

We are a local company with local business principles, not a national or global company expecting you to comply with our national policies. If you need something unique, we will help you get what you want.

Confidential, because it’s the right thing to do and is in every process we have

Our staff will know yours and will treat them with respect. You will not be put through to a central call centre. Your boxes can be delivered to your door. We will shred the contents of your boxes to security level 3, when you tell us to, and give you the Certificate to document that it has been done.

Cost effective, with a box being stored for less than 1.5p per day

Cost effective storage, local company, with local rates. Compare this to the cost of storing documents in central London where it can cost up to £130 per year for the space to have a waste paper bin beside your desk!

We look forward to hearing from you whatever your requirements are, from 1 box to tens of thousands, so please contact us to discuss how we might be able to help:

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